Write About

Using social media to inspire writers

Why Write About?

Writing should be fun for students. It's sparked from student curiosity. Often that curiosity is sparked from an image, a scenario or a critical question. Children begin to appreciate writing when they can choose their own focus and express their voice for an authentic audience.

Starting with a Visual

  • it pushes critical thinking
  • it supports student interests
  • it embraces creativity
  • it makes writing meaningful

How does it work?

Teachers create a free account.

They can enrol their class or give their students a code to join.

There is no email required.

Students can search for images and write what comes to their mind.

They can add voice to accompany their writing.

Students can search for inspiration from public areas.

Students can share ideas to their school groups.

Teachers can provide students with feedback on their written pieces privately through written comments or recorded comments.

Say Hello to Write About

Say Hello to Write About

Writing for an Authentic Audience

What's the big deal?

So far, this is basically the same as any Google Doc.

What sets it apart is that students can read and comment on the work of other students who choose to post their work publicly.

What about inappropriate comments?

Not to worry! Teachers can moderate students' comments.

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Groups in Write About

Write About Groups

Keep tabs of your students' work

Viewing student activity on Write About