Alternate Eligible Content

Learning the Process of Essentialization

Alternate Eligible Content

In our session, we will take teachers through the Alternate Eligible Content for students who take the PASA. As we connect the Alternate Content to the Standards, we will also discover how to create learning targets at three levels of complexity.

Alternate Eligible Content: Making the PA Core Standards Accessible to ALL Students

This one day session is designed to give Special Educators administering the PASA an introduction to the Alternate Eligible Content. The Alternate Eligible Content which aligns to the PA Core Standards will be the basis for instruction and IEP goal writing.

The course will be designed to show teachers:

- the Alternate Eligible Content within and across grades
- define and learn the process of Essentialization and
- create essentialized targets that align to the Alternate Eligible Content.

When you leave you will have a list of differentiated essentialized targets that can be used in your classroom.