Bad Luck Puck

A Mid-Summer Nights Dream

Peoples actions can influence other peoples lives

In the story Puck is the main influence on other peoples lives. For example he put the love juice in Lysander's eyes which made him fall in love with the wrong person. This influenced Lysander to fall in love with Helena when he woke and this changed everything. When Lysander wakes he says "Content with Hermia? No. I do repent the tedious minutes I with her have spent. Not Hermia but Helena I love"(II.ii.84-85) Showing that Puck's actions has a major influence on peoples lives because before this Lysander was madly in love with Hermia now he acts as if she is a nuisance. Puck's actions cause a lot of drama through out the story and continues to influence characters dramatically.

Strong emotions can change the kind of poeple we are.

Regardless of how Puck made a character catch feelings for another character it doesn't change the fact they it made them see things differently and change what they truly believed in. In Act 3 it is shown that after Puck put the "love juice" in Lysander's eye he falls in love with Helena but he was once in love with Hermia but now neglects her as a lover and companion. Lysander insults Hermia which is something he would never do when he says "Hang off, thou cat, thou burr! Vile thing, let loose or I will shake thee from me like a serpent"(III.ii.266). This shows that strong emotions can change what kind of people we are because before Puck intervened Lysander would have never said such things to Hermia who he was going to runaway with.

Peoples emotions usually control how they act

Peoples emotions usually control how they act and is shown in Act 3. Demetrius didn't have feelings for Helena until Puck intervened and it changed his perspective of how he was treating her. At first he was kicking and her and constantly rejecting Helena now he thinks she is the fairest maiden in the land. In Act 3 Demetrious states "O Helena, goddess, nymph, perfect, divine"(III.ii.139). showing that his emotions for her changed how he was acting towards her because now he wants to treat her as if she's a queen. Puck made Demetrius have strong emotions for Helena which put her in a awkward situation between him and Lysander since he was also in love with her because of the love juice and these emotions controlled the way they acted towards Helena.


I would say me and Puck are one in the same because we're both mischievous and like to see things unfold for what they really are. But in the end we only mean good and think if its meant to be it will be. We both make mistakes for instance he put the love juice in the wrong persons eye. Such as I put the wrong ingredients into a recipe I was making and I ended in disaster but it only shows that everyone messes up. But Getting it right the second time is important and not repeating the same mistakes.