The Nervous System

The nervous system

Rabies affects the central nervous system. It travels up your spinal cord to your brain.

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How your body works

When you are infected with Rabies you will feel very sick. You will eventually go insane if you are not treated before the virus reaches the salivary glands.

Who is targeted by Rabies

Everybody of any age is vulnerable to Rabies. Rabies is spread by bite, anyone could get bit by a wild animal that may have Rabies. If you get bit you should get medicine as soon as possible. Stray or wild dogs are mostly known for spreading Rabies.

How does Rabies arise?

Rabies is an enveloped RNA virus. It is spread by bite by a wild or stray animal, mostly dogs. When you get bit and are diagnosed with Rabies it is just a matter of time before they symptoms start. Rabies may take a few weeks to a year to escalate to the foaming of the mouth, which is the final stage of Rabies

Statistics and Facts

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Sypmtoms and Diagonosis

The symptoms of Rabies are fevers and chills, fatigue, anxiety, hallucinations, violent convulsions, and once the virus hits the saliva glands and the mouth starts foaming. Death is certain. Over the past years doctors have been trying to find a cure to this virus. Doctors can tell if you have this disease if you have a been bitten and if have experienced one or more of the symptoms above.

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Is there a cure?

Doctors have discovered that Rabies is very hard to find a cure for. One that has worked in the past was inducing a coma and injecting with antivirals. This saved Jeanna Giese's life on 2004.

Prognosis and Connections

When someone is diagnosed with Rabies it could be a matter of weeks, months, and years. It all depends on how swiftly the virus gets to the saliva glands. In 2004 Jeanna Giese was diagnosed with Rabies and became the first person to survive without a vaccine. She was put into a coma and injected with antivirals.

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