Three Blind Mice

Azsa Dunovant

Going to Trial

A subpoena has been sent to the farmers wife. She has been accused of attempted murder by three blind mice who claim she chopped off their tails. Attempted murder is a felony. She ended up being arrested a few days later after the notice was sent to her. She is facing being prosecuted for three counts of attempted murder. The farmers wife was given a public defender to defend her side on this case because she was unable to hire her own attorney. Her arraignment was at 3 o'clock the next evening. The defendant, the farmers wife, tries to claim that she is being indicted wrongfully because there are no witnesses. But her husband was put on the stand as a witness. Being her husband, he decided that he needed to protect her, and he decided to lie under oath. He had committed perjury and he ended up being convicted. She now faces a grand jury instead of a petit jury, and a judge to decide whether she is guilty or not guilty. The verdict came back that she was indeed guilty. Her attorney suggested to her that she should do a plea bargain instead of risking an appeal to a higher court. She obviously decided to do a plea bargain and she received 10 years in prison, and her bail was set at $30,000.
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