Exciting but mysterious fun book

With every page it will leave you wondering what will happen next.......

read this mysterious book u will never ever want to put it down its a book that's fun to read but filled with ceriodicity

its a good book to get hooked to you'll never want to put it down!

Its about a few kids who were on a boat and in the middle of their adventuress ride a horrible storm came. They were terribly frighten the water began to sink in to the side of the boat. Then carter and dex were thrown off the boat in to the water. The rest off the kids thou out orange life jackets. Then all went blank... soon the kids that were left on the boat had woke up on a deserted island. They began to try to call their parents to send a helicopter to come get them on a safety phone that was found in the boat the phone went dead....... so they looked out in to the water to find dex and carter ,with orange life jackets . they found none......

leave u wondering


best book

what happens next...