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Juliet Capulet

Hello my name is Juliet Capulet and in 2 weeks i will be 14 years old, I was born on 31st of July 1565. I am home schooled by my Nurse. I live in Verona, Italy. I was also born in Verona, Italy. My parents are Lord and Lady Capulet. My cousin is Tybalt, and my characteristics are kind, warm-hearted, helpful, loving, caring and independent. I was single until my family ball where i met the love of my life Romeo Montague and we married in secret. I love reading and playing the violin and talking with my Nurse and joking around with my cousin. My 2 favourite books to read is Teengae Dream and A Different Life. My favourite movies are Whole New World and Things Change. I really dislike arrogant people and all reptiles.


Just had a lovely conversation with my nurse! Love her so much :)

Just finished at my family ball and met the most amazing young man ;)

I love reading and playing the violin