Hand crafted FOLK COSTUMES , dolls

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A quite new challenge !

One of the challenges in project activities was students to create traditional local and national folk costumes- hand made ( size of doll ).

They started to create them firstly- size of doll ,so that they learn and practise that interesting craft.

During the some more days they collected some fabrics and other needed materials to start this activity.

All project schools made wonderful folk costumes.

We hope one day when they grow up.. to create and design wonderful traditional folk costumes.


PRIMARY SCHOOL 'GEO MILEV'- Grohotno village
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Bulgarian students were very curious about - how can they design and create that old hand making tradition of sawing folk costumes.



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Upon the times, the Czechs used most unusual things to make dolls for their children. For example, they often both made ​​dolls cobs of maize and some household wooden paddles and other ones.

Often the dolls have not faces.


SCOALA GIMNAZIALE no 3 ' Nicolae Titulescu'-Bucharest
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Romanian folk costumes are soo colouful and nice.

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They make folk costumes from different types of colours and fabrics, it depends on the region where they wear them.

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One of the traditional Turkish folk costumes, crafted by the teachers, staff and students. This costume is really typically for the Edirne region.

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Latvian folk costumes are really quite different from the other partner's ones.

They are typical for the Latvian nationality and identity.

The most used colour in their folk costumes is the white one.

Partner's exchange of traditional folk costumes - hand crafted.

After making folk costumes, each partner school exchanged dolls with folk costumes, so that each school will have 5 handmade folk costumes that they will make school exhibitions with.

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Created by Mrs. FANNY VASILEVA, Bulgaria