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Weekly "I Can..." Statements

Reading: Text Features (Nonfiction)

  • I can identify and give examples of text features
  • I can read and ask questions about nonfiction texts
Writing: Letter Writing

  • I can write a letter with all the appropriate parts including: greeting, body, and signature
Math: Money

  • I can use money symbols appropriately
  • I can solve word problems involving money
Science: Habitat/Ecosystem

  • I can explain habitat is a natural home where plants and animals live and grow
  • I can describe how living things depend on a habitat

Spelling Words the week of: March 21

Rule: silent c

blends: land, quiz

spelling rule: scene, scent, muscle, science, scissors, crescent

tricky words: goose, geese

Practice at www.spellingcity.com/syc2nd

Spelling Words the week of: April 4

Rule: <are> for the /air/ sound

blends: strap, trust

spelling rule: hare, care, share, scare, square, nightmare

tricky words: potato, potatoes

Practice at www.spellingcity.com/syc2nd

Egg Hunt

If you are able to donate individually wrapped candy, please send the items with your child by Tuesday, March 22nd.

Specials Schedule

Mr. Drinkard

  • Mr. Drinkard's class splits among the other classes for specials.
Mrs. Hill

  • A: Music B: Art C: Media D: PE
Mrs. Kent

  • A: PE B: Music C: Art D: Media
Mrs. Maxey
  • A: Media B: PE C: Music D: Art
Mrs. Payton
  • A: Art B: Media C: PE D: Music

Celebration of Learning

Saturday, March 19th, 8:30am-12pm

1656 South Speck Road

Independence, MO

Spring School Pictures

Tuesday, March 22nd, 9am

15208 East 39th Street South

Independence, MO

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, March 22nd, 4pm to Wednesday, March 23rd, 8pm

15208 East 39th Street South

Independence, MO