Bullying Prevention

Activities for Middle School Students

  • Bucket filler, write something nice about fellow students on a slip of paper and give it to them.
  • Bullying pocket cards for the kids to carry, see attachment page 2
  • Re-write the definition of bullying and the schools anti-bullying policy(if they have one) in their own words and display in the classroom or halls.
  • Make an anti-bullying banner to string across the classroom or display in the hall.
  • Make a claymation scene/video about dealing with bullying.
  • Role play different bullying scenarios and how to handle them.
  • Selfie photo booth.
  • Have a anti-bullying pledge signing event.
  • Create a rap, song or poem about anti bullying.
  • Have students adopt a slogan like Choose_____, kindness, etc. and make buttons or stickers they can wear.
  • create a card with a positive affirmation that they can decorate and keep with them.
  • interview a student in class, preferably not one of their friends, and challenge them to find at least one thing that they have in common.
  • Provide students with the definition of self acceptance and self esteem. Have the students write five statements about themselves.
  • Create a "take one" flyer for students to "take what they need and pass it on" with positive sayings to tear off like; you are awesome, you got this, you are smart etc.