How They Croaked

By Georgia Bragg

Interesting Stories of Death

King Tut - More Famous After Death

King Tut or otherwise known as Boy King, was a the King of Egypt. Tut was born in Egypt in 1342 BC, then he died at the age of 19. Besides the fact that he was only nine when he became king, be he got married at the age of ten to Ankhsenamun. Ankhsenamun was his half sister, which was allowed at this point in history. Asany young child, Tut was a regular kid. For instance, he would race chariots, throw sticks, and fire his slingshot. Long after Tut's death, scientists uncovered that he had a number of health issues while he was alive. They concluded that he died of Malaria, Kkoehler disease and a broken leg that got infected. Ancient Egyptians believed there is a life after this one. When Tut died, they made sure he had everything he needed for the after life and they took care in preserving his body. First they scooped his insides out from top to bottom, second they used a long needle to pull his brain out from his nose (they believed a brain's only job was to keep the ears apart), third they took his organs and placed them into jars, finally, they put a saltlike solution along with wrapping his body in cloth and used sap to seal everything.

Besides making sure his body was intact, they burried him with treasure such as:

  • 143 charms woven into the cloth that surrounded him
  • Thrones
  • 2 sling shots
  • 2 jars of honey
  • 6 chariots
  • 30 gold statues
  • 35 model boats
  • 130 walking sticks
  • 427 arrows
  • lots of sandals

Many scientists have visited Tut's tomb through the years and have attempted to piece together his life through science. Tut's mummy still rests in the tomb where he was originally placed. Many of the artifacts that were buried with him have been placed in museums around the world.

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