LDA 2 Science Review

By:GraceT,and TeaganR


What is an element?

An element is a pure substance, that can not be broken down.


Carbon; The symbol is C

Which elements compose the four major parts of our planet?

Hydrogen, and Oxygen.


An atom is a single unit of matter.


What is the difference between a element, and a compound?

Compounds are a fusion of multiple elements, and can be broken down, and a element is a pure substance that can not be broken down.




A molecule is a combo of atoms to form compounds.

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Chemical Changes


H= Hydrogen2

S= Sulfur1

N= Nytrogen4

O= Oxygen1

Fe= Iron1

Ar= Argon6

6 elements are in this compound.

15 atoms are in this molecule.

Chemical Changes

The four main chemical changes are ....

1.Change of color

2.Change of temperature

3.Production of a sole precipitate

4.Production of a gas

We can identify a change by observing the new substance and the old substance to see the change.

What happens when you mix two or more substance ...

The substances change into one substance and or they form a new one.