Review Question

Chapter 4-page 86

31) Denver, Colorado

32) each day: 0.05 g

each year: 18.25 g

33) There woul be a lot of water to dilute the acids. Stopping the water supply would lead to thirst. Also, the water could also be boiled to get rid of any extra bacteria that may contaminate the water supply.

34) There is no rainfall to wash away the soluble minerals.

35) a: 1) 0.4 g 2) 0.8 g

36) a: sodium nitrate

b: I)no change

II) precipitate

III) no change

IV) no change

37) 12, 20

38) Minerals left behind by the evaporating water.

39) a: permanent- not soluble in water

water color- soluble in water

b: permanent-oil based

water color- water base

40) a: it's very soluble in hot water; it's higher

b: no

41) a: more gas will dissolve in the 50 cm^3 than in the 10 cm^3

42) a: adding energy

b: increases amount of solid touching water

c: adding energy

43) the gas dissolves into the water on the way up/ we used two Alka-Seltzer tablets instead on one=more gas