Roanoke- The Lost Colony

By Landry Davis

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How did I get interested in this topic

I was in Coach Perrin's class and he was talking about early colonization in America. Then he grabbed my attention, when he mentioned the Lost Colony of Roanoke. I was interested in what happened and it just so occurred that we were doing Genius Hour in Comm. Apps.

Did I know anything about this topic before I started researching?

All I knew is that to this day no one has ever figured out what happened to the colonists that randomly disappeared.

So what happened?

John White landed on 18 August 1590, but found the settlement deserted. His men could not find any trace of the 90 men, 17 women, and 11 children he had left behind, nor was there any sign of a struggle or battle. The cabins had been taken down, the livestock had vanished and of the people the only traces were two graves and a message: the word “Croatoan” carved into a post of the fort and three letters “Cro” carved into a nearby tree.

My thought

There are many conspiracy theories on what really happened to the town and villagers of the Roanoke Colony. What I think is that the people of Roanoke decided to leave Roanoke Island to live with the Natives. Croatoan, which was carved on the post, was the name of an island in the area. The Croatoan Indians lived there. It's possible that the colonists decided to live with the natives of Croatoan.
The Lost Colony

How is this information beneficial to me and everyone else?

One this is a really cool story, and also you can use it to expand your knowledge on our nations history.

Do I want to research this topic anymore?

I plan on not researching it anymore because there's not much more info to research on.

The Lost Colony Musical

Something you might find interesting is that there is actually a Lost Colony musical that is performed on the island
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