Virginia Woolf

Sam Edmonds, Mary Thielking, Meghan Curran, Faith Rosebrough

Essential Question

How has the ability of females to write for a living evolved over time?


1882 - Virginia Woolf born

1885 - summer spent at St. Ives (as were most summers of her childhood)

1895 - Julie Stephen dies (Virginia's mom), causing Virginia's first nervous breakdown

1904 - Leslie Stephen dies (dad) & Virginia was institutionalized for a short time

1906 - Thoby Stephen dies (brother), causing Virginia to be depressed

1912 - Virginia marries Leonard Woolf, which led to stability in her life and a decrease in her number of nervous breakdowns

1915 - Virginia publishes her first book: The Voyage Out

1917 - the Woolfs start the Hogarth Press

1922 - Virginia meets Vita Sackville-West, and they grew very close and affectionate

1941 - Virginia commits suicide by drowning