Room 113 News December 7th

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Thank you to the parents who came to cheer our class on at the PE Celebration of Learning on Friday afternoon!

Happy Birthday to the King!

We had a brief class discussion about the King where Mr. Hagen shared a few facts. We celebrated his birthday by taking a few minutes to visit his picture at the front of the school and try sketching him ourselves. See our book below.

Nonfiction Reading

We are wrapping up our study of nonfiction reading. We met with 5 other 2nd grade classes on Friday morning to showcase what we learned. We gave nonfiction "topic tours" where we were each a "tour guide" by explaining things we learned about a topic across multiple nonfiction resources. Our class blended this with what we've been learning in nonfiction writing by making topic posters rich in nonfiction text features to help us teach others what we know about a topic. Take a look through the photo gallery to see examples of our work.

Nonfiction Writing

Our class is continuing to apply what we learned in nonfiction reading to our nonfiction writing. We are all working on multi-chapter books that teach readers about a topic we know a lot about. Mr. Hagen is writing a book about bikes. Ask your child what his/her book is about and what the chapter titles are. Here are some of the strategies we are using in our books:
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Social Studies

Our study of communities continues. We started small and are zooming out. First we studied and defined our classroom community. Next, we studied the ISB community. Students wrote letters to community members they knew from earlier in the year about how their role fits into the larger ISB community. After that, we studied and discussed the NIchada Thani community. This week, we learned about rural, suburban, and urban communities. Students explored the characteristics of each and gathered a collection of pictures to represent what they learned. You should have received a link to a video created by your child explaining what makes these communities unique in your inbox.