Harry Potter Land

Universals Best Attractions

The Attractions

  • The biggest attraction is Harry Potter at the Forrbiden Journey
  • Harry Potter and the Forrbiden Journey is in the castle of Hogwart
  • The Dragon Challenge is a fun ride with two different tracks-Chinese Fireball and Hungarian Horntail
  • The Dragon Challenge use to dule, but due to two accidents it was remodeled in 2010 Flight of the
  • Hippogriff is a kid-friendly ride that takes you through the pumkin patch around Hagrids hut

The best shops!


Three Broomsticks and Hogs Head Pub

  • Hogs Head Pub serves butterbeer and other beverages.
  • Three Broomsticks serves traditional English food that includes fish and chips, cornish pasties and sheperds pie.


  • One of the most popular things at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is butter beer.
  • What is butter beer? Butter beer is a non-acholic drink that was featured in the Harry Potter movies.
  • Although the recipes for butter beer are unknown to the public they say it tastes like cream soda and butterscotch, others say it taste like shortbread and butterscotch.

By: Eleni Dalamangas and Sierra Davis