Big Bang Theory

(Not The T.V. Show)

What is the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a cosmic explosion that sciencetist believe started the expansion of the universe. Another way to explain it is where the universe started at a single point and has been expanding ever since.

When/Why Did This Occur

According to sciencetist this occured about 14 billion years ago. Religious astromoners argue that the Big Bang Theory confirms the existence of God and the basic elements. On the other hand other sciencetists disagree and say this should be further researched as nature of the universe.
What Caused the Big Bang?

How Was It During This Period

During this time the universe was a lot hotter and denser. After the initial expansion, the universe cooled to allow energy to be converted from from neutrons, protons, and electrons to atomic nuclei which have formed very quickly.


Cosmic Explosion

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By: Cohl Routson