Class of 2022

Information Needed for the Transition Beyond High School

REVISED 6.2.2022

  • This newsletter includes valuable information for the transition from high school
  • Although not all topics will apply to all seniors, it is important to look at the various topics all the way to the end of the newsletter to see what applies to the senior. I encourage you to scroll and view to the very end to be sure you have seen all the topics presented and read what applied to you or your senior.
  • This communication is for the senior, but also for the parent's information and support of their senior



Final Transcript

Student's Final Transcript is used as proof of graduation, and a record of all their courses, grades and credits for high school credit.
  • A Final Transcript is required by all colleges, even community colleges and technical colleges. The military recruiter requires a letter of graduation verification by Ms Seuc. In her communication, she includes a final transcript.
  • NCAA Division 1 and 2, and NAIA require a final transcript.

Seniors were asked to complete a final transcript google form in April and May. Seniors who graduated and completed the form had their final transcript sent to their college, athletic association and/or other location requested. Those transcripts were sent out the week of May 23, 2022 mostly electronically through Naviance.

If a senior did not complete the form, or has changed their mind about their plans for the fall, they should complete this Google Form to request a final transcript. Here is the link:

Messages from Colleges Requesting Final Transcripts

Colleges and universities typically send out automated messages to students who are enrolled as freshmen reminding students about the need for a final transcript to be sent.

These are automated messages and do not mean that the college or university has not received your final transcript and proof of graduation. If the student completed the Senior final transcript survey, which nearly every senior did, the final transcript was sent, or will be sent at the end of summer school for those still completing graduation requirements.

If the new graduate is not sure, they can first look in their individual portal to their university to see if the final transcript has been uploaded, and if it has not been, they can email Ms Seuc to check at

It is common for universities and colleges to have a delay between receiving the final transcript, uploading it and updating the student's account. College and universities are working with a large volume of transcripts this time of year. Sending more transcripts is not helpful, if the transcript has been sent, as it puts more burden on the college and university's data systems.


Verification of A+ Eligibility

If you have met all the A+ eligibility requirements, the A+ eligibility seal will be clearly visible on the official final transcript prior to being sent to any college. This is what the college uses to verify eligibility.

Please remember that the last eligibility requirement is graduation. Until you graduate, you have not met all the criteria.

If you have met all the criteria for the A+ program, there is no paperwork for South High that needs to be completed. However, colleges do require paperwork/online forms to be completed for the funds to be distributed and used for your education. Be sure to be diligent with the communications from your college and their financial aid office.


Advanced Placement (AP) Credit or Placement

  • Students receive one free AP Score Report to be sent to a College.
  • Remember that AP scores are used for placement or credit, so there is no risk with the Score Report containing all your scores from all your AP exams, as this is for credit, not admission.
  • Your AP scores will be available and sent by mid-July. Colleges are used to the information not being received until July, as is when the AP scores have always been available.
  • The deadline to request your AP Score Report be sent for free is June 20, 2022.
  • You will use your account to request your score report.
  • Colleges will only accept your AP Score Report directly from the College Board. High schools, including South High, cannot sent your AP Score Report.

Directions to send your AP Score Report:

  • Sign into your College Board/AP account at
  • Go to the "MyAP" section
  • Go to the "My AP Profile"
  • Click on "Score Send"
  • Choose the College to recieve your one free AP Score Report
  • Save

Additional Score Reports

To order any additional AP Score Reports, the cost is $15 for standard delivery (7-14 business days) or $25 for rush delivery (5-9 business days).

Dual Credit

Any dual credit courses you had enrolled in are not on your Parkway transcript. South High cannot send proof of any credit you earned through the dual credit partnerships. Colleges only accept credit through a transcript sent directly from the university that granted the credit. At the end of the school year, once the university has updated the grades and transcripts, you will need to request a transcript be sent to the university or college you will be attending.

Here are the websites to request a transcript:

Missouri State University:

Saint Louis University:

University of Missouri - Saint Louis:

*There may be a fee for the transcript and could be a "sending fee" also. This varies by university.


College Athletics

If you are planning to play college sports for NAIA or NCAA Division 1 or 2, an official final transcript is required. The request to have the transcript sent is part of the Final Transcript Survey for South High.

Please know that you must already have an account set up with NCAA and/or NAIA in order for a final transcript to be processed with these athletic organizations.

If you have questions about college athletics, you can contact the South High Athletic Director, Mr Matt Roach.


Access to Infinite Campus

Students and parents/guardians of seniors will have access to their Infinite Campus account until July 29, 2022.

Download a Copy of your Unofficial Transcript

You will want a copy of your unofficial final transcript for your own records. You have access until Friday, July 29, 2022.

Beyond for your own records, unofficial transcripts are often used for car insurance, internships, fraternity/sorority recruitment, scholarships, or other memberships.

Seniors and parents/guardians can access the unofficial transcript to download or print from their Infinite Campus account. Students should download between graduation and July 29.


  • Log into your Infinite Campus account
  • Select Students
  • Click on Reports
  • Click on Parkway Unofficial Transcript
  • Print or download a copy for your records


Seniors and parents/guardians of seniors should be receiving information from the district technology department about access to Parkway email. Seniors will have access to their Parkway email to read emails longer than they have access to send emails.

Seniors will be able to send emails from their Parkway Gmail until June 6, 2022. They will be able to log in and read email after that date. This should help with seniors being able to update any accounts with a current email in case the account is linked with their Parkway school email address.


Requests after the end of May 2022 through June 1, 2023

Your records remain at South High for one year after graduation. You would request a transcript for the "new" college through the request form on the South High Counseling page. Here is a link to the page: A class of 2022 form/section will be added at the appropriate time.

This transcript request does not replace the Final Transcript Google Form that should be used for your original college choice. This option is for students who have a new request for a transcript.

Requests after June 1, 2023

After June 1, 2023, your records are transferred out of South High. To request a transcript, you must go through the Parkway district student services office. Please call 314-415-9062 or 314-415-9063 for assistance.


College Communication, including Community College

Most colleges communicate initially through an email students used when applying. After that point, most use a portal account that the student must set up. For example St Louis Community College, like most 4 year colleges, give out a student ID and a temporary password for the student to set up their account. Once the student has set up their college account, all communication comes through this college account, as well as a task list, and for some the financial aid information, etc. Colleges usually also provide a student email that students should begin using.

Be sure to follow through with setting up your account so you are well informed and ready for Fall 2022.

Students with an IEP or 504 plan

  • Colleges are not informed by the high school if a student has an IEP or Section 504 plan.
  • Colleges and universities are not bound by the same requirements that primary and secondary schools are for meeting student's educational needs.
  • If a student is interested in pursuing accommodations in college, they should meet with their college's office that would serve students' needs. The office might be called an Access Office, or Student Service Office, Students Disabilities Office, or it could be another name. You would need to reach out, set up an appointment and have a copy or your last high school IEP or Section 504 plan, and if you have a 504 plan, a copy of your official diagnosis to share with the college.
  • High schools are not allowed to send IEPs or 504 plans with a university, only the student, or their parent can give this information.
  • The college will review the documents you provide and determine what they can offer. Whatever accommodations they approve for their individual college, will be communicated by the university . The responsibility of implementing the accommodations is the student's responsibility.

Information for Students with Disabilities and Higher Education:

  • Most universities do not modify classes.

  • The laws are very different from K-12 to higher education

  • Colleges and universities must provide accessibility, but are not required to provide accommodations that would alter the educational program or academic requirements that are essential to the study or to fulfill the educational or licensing requirements, according to information provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)’s legal information.

More information can be found at a the US Department of Education’s website in cooperation with the Office for Civil Rights:

Future Success

Congratulations on your future plans.

College for some is a continuation of success, but for other students it can be a time for a fresh start. For the best outcome, whether you have chosen the military, work or college, there are a few keys to success. They are: personal responsibility, communication, time management, attention to detail, being willing to seek assistance, using your resources, doing your best, and not giving up.

For those attending college, typically it is advised that for every one hour you spend in the classroom, you will need two or more hours for study. A shift in the amount of time in class from high school to college, more responsibility on the student for academic progress, and fewer opportunities for grades can be an adjustment. Remember that if you have a bad academic day, tomorrow is a new day and you can start with your goal again.

Don't forget that your tuition pays for services for students. Check to see if your university or college has an academic center, tutoring, physical and mental health services for students that are included, or if there is a nominal fee.


For questions, please contact Ms Seuc by email, or students can make an appointment, schedule through AcLab mod scheduler, or drop in to see if she can fit the student in at that time.

Best wishes for your future!

Ms Seuc

Parkway South High Counseling Department Robin Seuc, College & Career Counselor

Instragram @pshcollegecounseling