Summer Ideas

For Upcoming 4th Graders!


I would suggest 20-30 minutes a day of structured “school time” for 3 to 4 days a week. If your student struggles with various skills you might want to spend a little more time, but not more than an hour…have some fun!! I know many of you will be taking trips and traveling this summer so enjoy that time away from school and schedules!


Read every day (Monday-Friday)

  • Talk about what is being read; even write a summary once a week!
  • Reader’s/Writer’s Notebooks came home with lots of practice pages and skills
  • Students that read whole chapter books could do fun projects at the end of the book like making a new book cover and writing a summary for the book. Another idea would be to create a game for the book with questions that need to be answered and a game board, like we did for Honus and Me.
  • Make an ad or TV commercial to “sell” the book you just read.
  • iStation at home!


Students should study facts, including addition, subtraction, and multiplication!

  • Multiplication facts through 12X12
  • Addition facts with 3-digits
  • Subtraction facts with 3-digits


Handwriting books came home and you could review cursive writing.

  • Have students write a summary of their week or about books being read
  • Students could have a journal they write to you in and you write back once a week (or they could do this with a friend that lives close)
  • Summaries should about 6 sentences long and written in complete sentences
  • Grammar skill books that came home could also be useful

Using Technology

These are various websites that can be used to review different skills:

  • I really like for math skills and students will have access to this over the summer.
  • Another great website is (go into the Computer Center). This is a great website that is free, and is broken down by grade level and subject/skill. I really love this one!!
  • If kids are really bored or just love computers they could make power points about books they have read or research places you are going for the summer. We have done lots of research this year! Mackinvia ( is a great resource to use for research. The log in and password is: nichols
  • Search for FREE apps on your smart devices to review skills in reading, math, social studies, and science!