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Work hard. Be nice. Have courage.

November 17, 2015

Can you smell turkey yet?

This flyer contains:

  • Classroom updates: 6th grade monologue performances & field trip reminder and 5th grade introduction
  • BCI in the House dates
  • Tribe updates, including the Huzzah Tribe performance!

Myths Busted was a huge success!

I'm so proud of the work produced by the cast and crew of Myths Busted. It was an honor to direct your students, and they were absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for your time and for trusting me with your students!
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Sixth Grade Classes

Monologue Performance

Students perform their monologues this week! They will be graded on memorization, volume & diction, acting, and blocking. They have rehearsed in class this week and last week--I am excited to see the final result of this project!

Field Trip

Remember to bring your permission form by the end of this week! Forms can be found here:

Musical Announcement

Ms. Bucklew and I will announce the title of the musical by the end of this week! I know the students are excited to find out!

Ask your student:

Do you have your monologue memorized?

What is a "slate?"

What is an "Oscar-winning moment?"

Fifth Grade Classes

HI! I'm Mrs. Blake Lentz! Welcome to Brave Theatre!

Some fun facts about me:

M.Ed. from UNT, BFA from TCU, director of Camp Willy at Trinity Shakes, can eat an entire box of Wheat Thins in one sitting, am a Harry Potter trivia champ, my husband, Aaron, is a lighting designer, my pet, Skywalker, is a dog.


  1. Work Hard. I expect full effort and participation. You can't learn by sitting out!
  2. Be Nice. Support and respect your peers. Respect the room by keeping it clean and staying out of restricted areas.
  3. Have Courage. It takes guts to participate. It takes guts to do the right thing. We are BRAVES.
  4. The KISD Code of Conduct is to be followed at all times.


  • Grading: 75% Participation/Daily; 25% Tests/Performances
  • Theatre Isn’t Fair: I promise to treat you and grade you fairly in class, but not everyone will get the leading role in every scene or play.
  • Safety: Much like P.E., we move around a lot in my classroom. If you choose to ignore safety expectations, I reserve the right to remove you from the activity and provide you with an alternate assignment.
  • Behavior: Failure to comply with expectations may result in the following:

1st Warning: Documentation of warning, no consequence. Possible alternate assignment.

2nd Warning: Email to parent, receive an “S”

3rd Warning: Phone call to parent, receive an “S”

4th Warning: Detention with Mrs. Lentz, receive a “U”

5th Warning: Possible administration involvement. “N”

Please take a moment to fill out the survey below. This will allow your child to receive an extra 100 in my class. Thank you!

BCI in the House

We had a great time at The Peanuts Movie! (See picture below!) I hope you can join us for the next one! Thanks for being in the house!


  • This is not required or expected--for fun only!
  • Guardians are responsible for their students PLUS the cost of admission. This is NOT a school-sponsored activity and no chaperons will be provided.
  • Content: Please be aware that some content may be geared towards older students. It is up to you to research each production to ensure you are comfortable with what your child will see.

Save the Dates--Plays:

**Note: some times have changed.

Saturday, 12/5. 3:00pm. The Lion King, Jr. KMS.

Saturday, 12/5. 7:00pm. Cases of Jack Box. SKIS.

Sunday, 12/6. 2:00pm. Legally Blonde, Jr. TSMS.

Monday, 12/7. 7:00pm. Mary Poppins. FRHS.

Saturday, 12/11. 7:00pm. Guys and Dolls. TCHS.

Save the Dates--Movies:

(Time TBD based on availability as dates get closer.)

Sunday, 11/29. TBD. The Good Dinosaur. Cinemark Alliance Town Center.

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The Good Dinosaur (Movie)

Sunday, Nov. 29th, 2pm

9228 Sage Meadow Trail

Fort Worth, TX

BCI in the House

*THE TIME IS ACTUALLY TBD--The movie doesn't have times this far in advance. I'll send an email over break, but it will be a matinee time.

Location: Cinemark Alliance Town Center

Tickets: $7.50 for students; $8.00 for adults


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The Lion King, Jr. (Play)

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 3pm

300 College Avenue

Keller, TX

BCI in the House

Location: Keller Middle School

Tickets: $5

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The Cases of Jack Box (Play)

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 7pm

201 Bursey Road

Keller, TX

BCI in the House

Location: South Keller Intermediate

Tickets: $4. Free for past cast and crew members.

Final performance on the SKI stage!

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Legally Blonde, Jr. (Play)

Sunday, Dec. 6th, 2pm

3550 Keller Hicks Road

Fort Worth, TX

BCI in the House

Location: Trinity Springs Middle School

Tickets: $5 Students & $7 Adults

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Mary Poppins (Play)

Monday, Dec. 7th, 7pm

4101 Thompson Road

Fort Worth, TX

BCI in the House

Location: Fossil Ridge High School

Tickets: $8 Students & $10 Adults

**Our sixth grade students will receive a free ticket on our field trip!!

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Guys and Dolls

Friday, Dec. 11th, 7pm

12350 Timberland Boulevard

Fort Worth, TX

BCI in the House

Location: Timber Creek High School

Tickets: $10 Students & $12 Adults

Popcorn Tribe

Many thanks to our generous parent who donated popcorn!! :)

We respectfully request that you be on time to pick up your students.

Please remember you must meet our behavior expectations to remain in Popcorn Tribe.

Next meeting:

December 14th, 2:45-5:30.

Star Wars: A New Hope

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Huzzah Tribe

Reminder: NO Huzzah Tribe this Friday! Happy Thanksgiving!

Unfortunately, Huzzah Tribe is full for the fall semester. There will be a new tribe in the spring and students may re-apply then.

The students chose to study/perform A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. A challenge, but one we are all willing to take on!

Next Meeting:

Friday, December 4th, 2:45-4:30 pm


Friday, December 4th, 7:00 pm

Students are called at 6:00 pm.

Huzzah Tribe Performance

Friday, Dec. 4th, 7pm

801 Bear Creek Parkway

Keller, TX

Come see our 5th grade students perform Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream!

Free admission.