Goddess of Heaven


Navaeh is the Greek goddess of heaven. She helps bad people become good by helping them do the right thing. She is like a conscience. Navaeh also has the power of healing someone who is in need. She only uses that power if the person has been good throughout their own life. She doesn't usually judge people, but she doesn't want bad influences living on earth of they won't change their ways.
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What does she look like?

Navaeh has blonde golden braided hair that lengths down to her ankles and a perfectly tanned skin tone. She wears a headband with her symbol on the left side of her head. She wears a long white tunic that flows like a river and could blind your eyes. Her eyes are the color of the deep blue ocean and her lips are the color of red roses. Navaeh has high cheekbones with the color of peaches.


The goddess, Navaeh, has had only one relationship and it was with Hades, god of the underworld. Because of their love for each other, they proved that opposites attract. They have one son, Hayden, who has been struggling to find himself because he is between the good and the evil. Since Navaeh and Hades lived in two different worlds, their relationship started to fall apart. Navaeh hasn't yet forgot about Hades, but Hades forgot about her. When Hayden found out about this, he has gone to the good side and has been named as the God of Care because of the way he took care of his mother's heartbreak.