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April 2016

Greetings friends,

I hope this month finds you well. Our family is certainly enjoying springtime to its fullest! Therefore, we've decided to dedicate one more issue to the nurturing, lengthening, warm days of spring that cause you to fling open your windows, clean out the closets, prepare the garden, enjoy a meal from the BBQ, and spend more and more time outdoors. Delight in these wondrous days!
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Highlights from the Customer Chronicle

Melaleuca Product Testimonial

Diamond Brite Liquid Dishwashing Detergent works great for washing your car. My husband puts a 1/4 cup in a 3 gallon bucket. Just rub the mixture on with a soft sponge and rinse off with the hose. The dirt rolls off and no streaks are left behind. Also since Diamond Brite doesn't contain any phosphates or bleach it is safe for the environment when it is washed off the car.


MelaMagic saved our weekend. On Sunday my husband and I decided to clean our outside patio. The grill was in desperate need of cleaning, both interior and exterior, but in particular the venting system that collects all the grease. We used full-strength MelaMagic and the job was easy. We also used diluted MelaMagic on the furniture, the glass tops, and even areas of the brick patio that had dirt ground into it due to the wind. It was great how easy the entire cleanup was and now we can enjoy the spring and summer!


Use this room-by-room checklist, complete with suggestions for which environmentally-friendly EcoSense cleaners are right for the job, and knock out your spring-cleaning quickly and effectively.

~~~~~ Kitchen

Clean inside and outside of fridge ~Tough &Tender, MelaMagic, Sol-U-Guard Botanical

Clean cabinets~Touch & Tender, Rustic Touch

Clean oven, stove, exhaust fan, hood~MelaMagic, Sol-U-Guard Botanical

Scrub/mop kitchen floor~MelaMagic, Tough & Tender



Clean tub and/or shower~ Tub&Tile,

Sol-U-Guard Botanical

15 second cleaning after each shower ~No Work

Clean Toilet inside and out ~Safe and Mighty,

Sol-U-Guard Botanical

Clean sink, counters, mirrors~Tough&Tender, Tub&Tile, Sol-U-Guard Botanical, Clear Power

Scrub Floor ~Tough&Tender, MelaMagic

Polish Fixtures~Clear Power


Living Areas

Dust and clean bookcases, cabinets and their contents

Rustic Touch, Tough&Tender

Polish Wood Furniture~Rustic Touch

Spot-clean upholstered couches and chairs~Sol-U-Mel

Clean items like piano, computer, stereo, wall hangings~Rustic Touch, Tough&Tender


General Cleaning

Dust everywhere- start at the top of the room and move down~Rustic Touch
Clean light fixtures ~Clear Power

Clean mirrors, window, blinds ~Clear Power, Tough&Tender
Spot-clean places like walls, floor boards, light switches, doorknobs~Sol-U-Mel, Tough&Tender
Remove stains all over the house ~Sol-U-Mel
Polish chrome fixtures~Clear Power
Clean fireplace and fixtures~MelaMagic, Sol-U-Mel



Clean out, wash and organize garage~MelaMagic, Sol-U-Mel

Clean outdoor furniture~MelaMagic
Clean house siding and trim~MelaMagic
Clean grill~MelaMagic

EDITOR'S TIP: If you need a little grit when you are cleaning a sink or bathtub, use a MelaBrite pod (laundry product). For example, when I am cleaning my white kitchen sink I sprinkle the contents from a MelaBrite Pod in the sink then spray on the Tub&Tile. The MelaBrite gives me little extra scrubbing power. Works like a charm!

Take care, and enjoy simple pleasures this month!


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