Amazing Apache

By Mateo, Garrett, Jordan, and Chelsea


Greetings fellow Indians. We have been researching about your tribe. We hope you enjoy this page!

Customs/Traditions/Ceremonies By Mateo

  • Woman gathered food while men hunted.
  • Men hunted and raid.
  • Woman dried clothes on sticks

Shelter and Location By Jordan

  • They lived between the Northern border of New Mexico and the Platte river.
  • The Apaches were nomads.
  • They also, lived in wick-up dome shaped brushed huts made out of buffalo skin.
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Food and Tools By: Chelsea

  • Apache Indians mostly ate buffalo. That was their main food source.
  • They hunted buffalo in the fall and spring.
  • They considered warm blood out of a nice fresh killed animal for a healthy drink.
  • Knives were used in a battle during a buffalo hunt.

Appearance By: Garrett

  • Women wore short skirts and moccasins made from deer sinew.They also wore leggings.
  • Men wore a certain type of buckskin made by tanning buffalo hides after scraping the fur off with a bone,then rubbing it with buffalo fat,livers, and brains so it would be soft.

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