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Proteus is a moon of Neptune and it was discovered in 1989 by Stephen Synnott with the Voyager 2 spacecraft. Proteus was not discovered from Earth because it is so close to Neptune that it is lost in the glare of reflected sunlight. Proteus is one of Neptune's largest moons, it has a box like shape, and it is one of the darkest objects in the solar system.

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Proteus is named after the shape-changing sea god of Greek mythology. It is also Neptune's largest inner satellite.The amount of time it takes to orbit around Neptune is 27 hours. Proteus circles the planet in the same direction as Neptune rotates. Scientists say that it is about as large as a satellite can be without being pulled into a spherical shape by its own gravity. It circles Neptune at a distance of about 92,800 kilometers. The diameter of Proteus is about 258 miles, and the distance it is from Neptune is about 73,102 miles.
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This picture was taken by the Voyager 2 spacecraft. ^
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Proteus, Moon of Neptune
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