February 2016 Meeting Minutes

Staff Engagement and Breastfeeding Initiative

Meeting Highlights

D wing changes - OB special care wing to come July 2016.

With these changes, we need to hold off any major scheduling plans until we know who is going, who is staying and what our staffing needs will be. Also - the OB-ED opens on 3/29/16.

Sweet Beginnings - timeline has been delayed until June/July (Cesarean babies staying with mom and cord blood process)

Blank Schedule - the blank schedule in the break room is for you to put your dreams schedule on! The scheduling committee is going to review this in our first meeting along with your polls. If you didn't fill out a poll, there are some extra copies in the charge nurse office with the huddle board. Leave in my box.

Scheduling Committee - If you want to be a part of this committee, please email Mary. This committee will meet twice a month In March and April for an hour, and then TBD. Will meet the first week of March - TBA.

Breastfeeding initiative starts February 15, 2016

See Powerpoint for details. Here's the overview:

  1. Moms will start signing their pledges today, February 15th
  2. Only order for breast or bottle will be entered by L&D RN
  3. Use escalation process for breast moms who want a bottle
  4. Bottle only babies will have a bottle order entered in L&D and does not require a call to the pedi
  5. If you didn’t attend meeting – review powerpoint in this email/CN office has a paper copy - also a copy on wings
  6. Formula Key in Pyxis on wings - pull in override under mothers name on wings
  7. If a mom brings in her own formula, document it
  8. We have proper formula preparation sheets that are to be given to all moms who give their babies bottle in cabinets on wings with formula
  9. If you didn't attend the meeting, please sign a commitment form located in the binder in the CN office after you review the powerpoint