April/May Newsletter

Sage Creek Elementary 2023


It's that time again. End of year testing for 1st-5th grade students will begin after Spring Break. A few reminders about testing:

  • Remember, end of year testing is just ONE assessment piece that should be considered in looking at student growth.
  • Make sure your child knows that as long as they do their best, it is all ok!

  • This one test does NOT define your child as a learner or you as a parent. It is one assessment.
  • A good breakfast (not sugar filled, please) and plenty of sleep are key factors in students performing their best. Please ensure your child get a good nights sleep and that they are here at school for breakfast, or they eat a good breakfast at home.
  • Please communicate with your child's teacher regarding testing times. It is very difficult for students to make up testing time. Being at school, on time really helps students perform at their best.
  • Remind your child every day that their best is good enough. Encourage them to do their very best on each question, to try and not just click random answers.
  • Did I mention that their best effort is enough? All we can ever ask is that kids try their best and then be proud of what they have done.
  • Encourage, praise, encourage and praise again!


April is the month when we focus on earthquake preparedness and safety drills. We will participate with the Great Shake Out program which will consist of reviewing earthquake safety and practicing our earthquake drill at school on April 20th. I would encourage you as a family to check out their website and work on your emergency preparedness. https://www.shakeout.org/


Registration for next year has been underway since March. If you haven't had a chance to register your student for next year, please go to our school's website and click on the registration tab and follow the instructions. Thank you in advance for your donations that help provide field trips, assemblies, and school activities. The requested donations are $25 for each child and an additional $35 for those students in the dual language immersion classes. You are welcome to pay online or bring cash, credit card, or a check into the front office.

Teaching Staff for 2023-2024

Next year's tentative teaching staff are as follows:

Kindergarten-- Mrs. Shavon Mousser Ms. Jane Orton (all day kindergarten) with Ms. Miriam Gordon (AM kindergarten)

1st Grade-- Mrs. Kalin Reynolds (DLI), Mrs. Sally Yu (DLI), Mrs. Megan Morrow, & Mrs. Paige Wilson. Mrs. Claudia Shaffer will be our new literacy intervention teacher and will work with students from grades 1st-5th.

2nd Grade-- Mrs. Kiley Reynolds (Platt) (DLI), Mrs. Sussan Fu (DLI), Ms. Jenna Frisby, & Ms. Kristy Harper.

3rd Grade--Mrs. Makenna Taylor (DLI), Mrs. Gina Wang (DLI), Mrs. Angie Hartung, & Mrs. Katy Gappmayer.

4th Grade--Mrs. Leslie August (DLI), TBA (DLI), Mrs. Megan McCullough, & Mrs. Paula Gleave.

5th Grade--Mrs. Julie Wood (DLI), Ms. Cindy Fu (DLI), Ms. Kaileigh Johnson, & Mr. Nick Runolfson.

Dean of students--Mrs. Chelsea Wilson

We want to wish Mrs. Zhang and Mrs. Demarco best of luck in their new adventures. Sage Creek will miss these wonderful staff members!

This is the time of year where we begin thinking about next year's teacher. Because in each setting (dual-immersion or traditional) there are usually two teachers available, I cannot accept specific teacher requests. However, if you do have information about your child that would be helpful for me in placing your child in the right class, please share with me (Mr. Johnson) during this month by sending me an email. I work closely with your child’s current teacher in this endeavor, and would welcome your input as well. It is significantly easier to know information now and place students accordingly; it is near impossible to make switches after class lists have been created.


April 18th -- Keyboarding Competition

April 19th -- 5th Grade Track Meet

April 20th -- Great Shake Out Drill

April 26th -- Secretary Appreciation Day

April 26th -- 4th Grade Track Meet

May 5th -- 3rd Grade Track Meet

May 18th -- Last Day of Kindergarten

May 22nd -- Dance Festival Performance on back lawn (10:00 and 2:00)

May 23rd -- Field Day

May 24th -- 5th Grade Graduation 2:00-3:15

May 25th -- BYU's Traditionz Assembly

May 25th -- Last Day of School (half day) out at noon!