6 battles of the Texas Revolution

Olivia Hernandez, block 5, 12/17/14

Battle #1 ( Battle of Gonzales )

This battle ended with Mexican troops returning empty handed to San Antonio de Bexar.

Battle #2 ( Battle of Concepcion )

This was a 30 minute battle initiated the Siege of Bexar, which marked the first major engagmentof the Texas Revolution. The Mexican force was comprised of 275 soldiers and 2 cannons.

Battle #3 ( the Grass fight )

This was a small battle during the Texas Revolution, it was fought between the Mexican Army and the Texian Army. This took place on November 26, 1835, South of San de Bexar.

Battle #4 ( Battle of Celeto )

Also known as the the Battle of prairie, and the Batalla del encinal del perido, was fought on March 19-20, 1836, during the goliad compaign.
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Battle #5 ( Battle of Jacinto )

After an 18 minute battle, Texans routed Santa Anna's forces, eventually taking Santa Anna prisoner. This was the last battle of the Texas Revolution.
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Battle #6 ( Battle of the Alamo )

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna oversaw the siege of the alamo and the subsequent battle, were killed. 600 Mexicans were killed or wounded.
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