By Michael Bonin and John Nock

The Product

  • Our product helps people find lost items
  • The way it works is by attaching the device to the item that you lose the most
  • Then when you lose it, you press the "find" button on the remote which makes the device beep so you can find the lost item
  • We created it because we feel that people lose items a lot and get frustrated when they can't find it

Our Competitors

  • Tile, StickR TrackR, Click n' Dig Key Finder, and Keyringer are our competitors
  • Tile and StickR TrackR are both apps and not everyone has a smart phone or tablet so not everyone is able to get their product
  • Click n' Dig's product costs $60 for three devices and you are not able to buy just one device from them. Also, their website doesn't work
  • Keyringer's website is very unprofessional and looks homemade


  • Our product costs $15 for one which is cheaper than our competitors
  • You can also buy two for $28 and three for $41

Mission Statement and SWOT

Our mission statement: Help people who lose items often find their items with our product

Strengths: We are on task when we work so we can get more work done faster

Weaknesses: We do not have as much business experience as our competitors do

Opportunities: People lose items sometimes so they will be willing to buy a product like this

Threats: Our main threat is our competitors because people could buy their product instead of ours

How We Will Sell It and Grow Our Company

We will sell it online at first but once we are able to, we will put our product in stores.

We will spend a lot of time on sales and try to sell it in many different places to grow our company.