Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets

J.K. Rowling

The book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the second book of the Harry Potter series. This book is about Harry going to Hogwarts school for his second year and he hears rumors of the Chamber of Secrets after Ginny Weasley, the sister of Harry's best friend, is missing and the only clue is a message written on the walls in blood stating the Chamber of Secrets has been open. This keeps happening and the people end up missing or paralized. Harry later finds a notebook labeled Tom Riddle's Diary and in Ginny's things it helps lead them into the Chamber where they find a Basilisk and a man known as Tom Riddle. Harry defeats him and saves everyone. While in the chamber he finds out that Lord Voldemort, the dark lord, was responsible for all of this. Harry is brave, smart, powerful, and thinks fast when in deadly situations. The Chamber of Secrets was very dirty, ancient, and moldy, it was under Hogwarts. This book is a very great book.