Inquiry-Based Learning

A Practical Guide for Teachers

What is Inquiry-Based Learning?

IQ A Practical Guide to Inquiry-Based Learning

Authors: Jennifer Watt and Jill Colyer

"This professional resource provides a clear and practical tool for educators, curriculum leaders, and administrators! Highly visual and accessible, it explains the inquiry process and offers practical suggestions and tools for successfully implementing inquiry-based learning in the classroom."

Making Sense of Inquiry-Based Learning: An Ontario Perspective

Protocol: Hunting for Questions

Adolescent Literacy Guide:Facilitator’s Guide

This facilitator’s guide supports facilitated professional learning using the Adolescent Literacy Guide (ALG). The facilitator’s guide includes many tools (e.g., protocols, strategies, templates) to promote effective professional learning which includes active engagement, a variety of perspectives and ideas, and an openness to inquiry and action. While these tools are included to support the material from the ALG, they can be transferred to other adult and student learning environments.

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Inquiry-Based Learning - Follow Two Teachers...

"We continue to work on this project that was originally supported by the TEACHER LEARNING and LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (TLLP) with the Ontario Ministry of Education. Our project Uncovering Content-Integrating Critical Thinking into Social Studies for 21st Century Learners was developed because as teachers we felt we needed to enhance our knowledge of using critical thinking questions and inquiry-based learning in order for our students to become actively engaged in their learning." - Louise Robitaille and Peter Douglas

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