Join our weekly FitCamp sessions, every weekend 7am!

Join the biggest FitCamp in KL!

We're the first ever FitCamp to be launched in Kuala Lumpur. Packed with activities to burn those stubborn calories and get fit and healthy!

Every Saturday and Sunday - 7am

We will meet up at City FitClub at St Mary Residence at 7am for our warm up sessions!

Bring your towel, a change of clothes, and also your water bottle! You'll need that to re-hydrate after our workout session!

It will be FUN, FUN and FUN~!!!

Frequently Asked Question

Q: I'm a beginner at this, can I join?

A: Sure! Our exercise session will cater for all!

Q: Will it be okay to bring a friend along?

A: Sure! Bring as many as you like. We want to make some new friends too!

Q: Can I bring my family members along?

A: Sure! Bring your whole family along and have some family fun too!

Q: Is it going to be boring?

A: We don't understand that word. All we know, it's going to FUN, FUN and FUN!

We are City FitClub

Our club consist of wellness coaches who provides coaching for people to lead a healthy active lifestyle through fun and simple methods.