Digital Writing Projects...

...the 21st Century Way!

Make projects that stand out above the rest! Create products like these:

  • Common Craft-Style Videos
  • Note Card Confessions
  • RSA-Style Videos

All it takes is a camera and a plan.

Common Craft-Style Videos

Impress your teachers with all that you have learned. Create videos to summarize stories or historical events. All you need are pictures to show key elements of the story, a narration to tell the sequence of events, and a camera to document it all. After videotaping you can post to YouTube for all to see, and viewers will be amazed by all that you know!

Note Card Confessions

Astound viewers with an in-depth analysis of a topic. Create a step-by-step narration on film with note cards, music as background, and the simple hand flipping of the cards with a slight pause between each for the reader to absorb what is written. Make an impact on your audience.

RSA-Style Videos

Here's a way to generate a story's plot summary by providing a timeline of sorts. After writing out a logical order of events and drawing corresponding pictures on a whiteboard, a story is retold with a sped-up animation of the drawings and a complete narration. It's like creating a cartoon story with captions to explain yourself along the way.

Explore these options and achieve the extraordinary. Show what real learning looks like!