Candor- The Faction for YOU!

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Candor- Where lies shall not be told.

We blame duplicity for the world's disarray. We value honesty and see truth as black and white. We enjoy a good debate and will always represent the people and help develop the laws for our citizens.

Symbols of Candor

Politeness is Deception in Pretty Packaging -Christina

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Am I allowed to be honest all of the time?

A: Yes! You, too, can say what is on your mind.

Q: Do my peers always tell me the truth?

A: Yes! You can be honest about your feelings and know where you stand with everyone. No manipulation is present in our environment.

Q: Can I lie?

A: No! We do not deceive just to keep the water calm like Amity.

Q: What is the consequences of telling a lie?

A: You hurt yourself and the community/faction that has chosen to support you. You could also be

Q: What is the final test of initiation?
A: You receive a truth serum and answer a lot of personal questions so you have no desire to lie ever again.

Q: What will we be learning during initiation?

A: Body Language. Did you know that your body sends messages to those around you? In Candor, we study different non-verbal actions so we can detect lies and help our peers be more honest about their thoughts and feelings.

Former Candor Members who Transferred to Dauntless

Christina- She left because she believes everyone needs secrets.

"I always knew I couldn't be Candor. I mean, I try to be honest, but some things you just don't want people to know. Plus, I like to be in control of my own mind." -Christina

Molly- She left because she felt Dauntless better reflected her personality. "We have to jump off too, then... It's what we signed up for, Peter." -Molly

Peter- He left because he lies with ease.

"I never knew a Candor who was such a liar." -Beatrice

"When we were kids, he would pick fights with people from other factions and then, when an adult came to break it up, he'd cry and make up some story about how the other kid started it." -Christina

Al- He should have never left Candor!!

"Dad always wanted me to come here. I mean, they said they [his parents] wanted me to stay in Candor, but that's only because that's what they're supposed to say. They've always admired the Dauntless, both of them." -Al

Drew- He is a follower. He followed his leader, Peter, to Dauntless.

"Those three have been inseparable since they crawled out of the womb, practically." - Christina