Save the land! Save yourself!


Oil Rigs?

Yes, you heard it, people are trying to set up oil rigs in Alaska. Not only will this hurt the environment but it will hurt the land, and possibly the air we breathe in due to pollutants coming from the rigs. Can you imagine walking outside everyday and hearing the oil rig, not far from your house? That's what will happen if we allow these people to set up the rigs. Stand up for your rights, and say no!

The Risks

  • Oil rigs could spill causing a lot of ocean life to die.
  • If they do spill the oil could come to the shores and ruin the land and animals on it.
  • They also create a lot of pollution which could eventually lead to global warming.
  • Could explode in the water

Make a difference

If you read this and was horrified by what could come from these oil rigs, it's okay. You should be. But don't sit around and wait for someone to say something. YOU stand up and be the difference we need. Be the difference Alaska needs!