Internet Searches and Facilities

By Thomas Ruddock

Internet Searches

Internent searches engines are a program that will search the world wide web for specified keywords and will show the user the listt of hits that it gets, where are differnenet programs for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are the main used engines.
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these searches engines have gone to differnent devices from PC, tablets, laptops, smart phones etc if the ddevice can connect to the internetr there will be searchs engines that are used on the devices. Plus seach engines are used to answer any questionsyou want just type the questions into google and the answer will come up with evidence to show it is right.

Search Facility

A search facility can be added to the web site so it will be able to enable the user to be able to locate a particular item. Simple links on the page from the index that could be considered a differnent kind of search facility and it is more usual for the search to be linked to the database.