By: Rishab and Adit

Our Beliefs and Founder

The founder of Georgia is James Oglethorpe. We believe in a mostly Anglican colony but we accept every religion except for Catholics. It was founded to create a safe place where debtors could live peacefully.
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Georgia was originally was under a trustee system and there were 15 elected board members. The founder, James Oglethorpe governed the colony along with the trustees, and then in 1755, they defaulted to monarch rule. We have a fair government and we won't make any cruel or unusual rules.

Raw Materials and Climate

We have cattle and grains, and we have good fur and skins by trading. We have a lot of rice and indigo as a cash crop. Our climate has hot humid temperatures during the summer, and warm temperatures throughout the year. Our climate and crops work together because we get an average amount of rainfall for our crops and our livestock will not get sick because it is not cold.

Important Aspects To Our Culture

We are a newer and more advanced colony because we were founded 50 years after the other colonies, and our great founder James Oglethorpe learned from everyone else's mistakes. Again, any religion is welcome except for Catholics and we are here for anyone who is in debt. We are the Southern most colony and we have all of our materials as the best of the best.