News from Room 20

April 9, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Waz...

Hello Parents,

I hope you are all enjoying the snow! I certainly hope this is it! I can't believe Monday starts the PSSA testing. I have been answering a lot of questions the class had so they feel comfortable and confident on Monday morning. For the next two weeks, our schedule is very different. We will not be having our normal related arts specials except for gym. I have a lot of fun activities planned to make the afternoon laid back after a morning of testing.

I ask that you send in a water bottle of some kind with your student. I will have them keep it at their desk during the testing. I also told the class they can have mints and gum during testing. I did purchase some, but they may bring in their own as well.

We will be having lunch at the same time (11:40) but instead of having recess prior to lunch, they will eat first then go outside at 12:10-12:40. Also, I have several students that go to bible release on Thursday afternoons, they will not be going the next two weeks.

If you have any questions regarding PSSA's or anything else, please email me!



Related Arts Schedule for next week...

Monday: Day 1 - PSSA ELA test (AM)

Tuesday: Day 2 - PSSA ELA test (AM) - GYM (PM)

Wednesday: Day 3 - PSSA ELA (AM) - Book Exchange (PM)

Thursday: Day 4 - PSSA ELA test (AM)

Friday: Day 5 - ART (testing make-up day, back to normal schedule)

Up Coming Events...

April 11th - April 14th - ELA PSSA's

April 18th - April 20th - Math PSSA's

April 22nd - BOOK ORDERS DUE

April 29th - NO SCHOOL

A Look at Next Week...

Math: Review

Reading: No Journey's Lesson


Science -Objects in the Sky - phases of the moon - finishing up projects and presentations

Spelling: No new list