Hollie Crews

Starbucks Corporation

Starbucks is a corporation with a chain of coffee shops around the world. The fact that there are so many shops and individual managers of them, who are apart from the independent owners, show that Starbucks is a corporation. Starbucks also sells stock, which is one characteristic of a corporation. This type of business benefits Starbucks with it's "limited liability" and ability to last over time.

The Origin of Starbucks

Starbucks began as one coffee shop in Seattle, but grew thanks to the help of Howard Schultz purchasing the company. He was intrigued with coffee and wanted to share the taste of freshly ground premium coffee in a shop that made the customers feel most comfortable.

Four Facts About Starbucks

The Atmosphere

Starbucks has worked very hard to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for it's customers. They perfected it in no time at all, creating an environment to feel safe in while being able to enjoy a favorite drink or food item. The environment is also well known as friendly and comfortable.

Would I Invest?

Most likely due to Starbucks being one of the most well known coffee shops in America and throughout the World. Also, business is going very well fro Starbucks as Americans tend to be very busy and may just want to have a quick drink before starting their day or to give them a boost around noon.