Help Student Reading Skills with Immersive Reader

Help Student Reading Skills with Immersive Reader

Did you know that on average 1 in 5 students has some sort of reading disorder? (Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity) These challenges can make reading activities very difficult for students with difficulties. Immersive Reader is a text-to-speech Chrome extension used in conjunction with reading activities. Simply highlight the text within your screen that a student may be struggling with, right-click, and allow the extension to assist students with:

  • dictating speech

  • blocking out everything but one line to help students focus

  • identifying parts of speech on the screen

  • spacing fonts and lines to avoid "visual crowding"

  • breaking words into syllables

  • translating text into 60+ languages (40+ read aloud)

  • changing the color, size and font of text to make it more legible

  • using the picture dictionary to see visual definitions

How can your students use Immersive Reader?

As students work on an activity that involves reading on a laptop or Chromebook, they may realize they need some help and can pull up Immersive Reader in a program or app that supports it. Immediately they can ...

  • Hear the passage dictated.

  • Translate a passage into a language they're more confident using.

  • Eliminate distractions, break up syllables, and make the text easier to use.

How can you get Immersive Reader?

Launch your Chrome browser, select the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the browser (more actions), select more tools<extensions. Once a new window has opened showing you the extensions you’ve enabled, select the 3 stacked lines in the upper left corner, then select Open Chrome Web Store. Next, search for Immersive Reader for Websites [Unofficial] and add it to your Chrome browser.

What can I use this extension in conjunction with?

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