Cortland High School Newsletter

January 2022

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Vitamin Z in Print

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“Life is about makin’ mistakes. It’s also about tryin’ to be great. Do not let your failure scare you away. I know you’re fed up, you fall, keep your head up.

-Machine Gun Kelly

What this artist is telling us is, not to let failure stop you from trying to achieve your goals. Everyone has failed… Even Tom Brady and Lionel Messi!


News from the Nurse

January is the time when colds and the flu can become very prevalent. Here are some tips that may help:

Wash hands frequently

Cover your nose and mouth

Take care of yourself : get enough sleep, eat healthy foods

Stay home if you are sick

As always if your student is sick please call attendance at 607-758-4084

Looking forward to a safe and healthy New Year.

Vickie Myers RN


Fax: 607-758-4033


Counseling and Guidance

January is a busy month for School Counselors and students because it is Course Selection time!

Important Dates:

Jan. 9-13 will be our Annual Elective Showcase during learning block for 10th and 11th grade students. Stay tuned for which date you are requested to attend the showcase in the Auditorium.

We have some new and returning classes that you are not going to want to miss!

Seniors are reminded to check the Counseling and Guidance website for new scholarship opportunities.

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Please check your schooltool to see if you have any course changes in Semester 2 which starts Tuesday January 31. If you have questions about your semester 2 schedule, please talk to your Counselor as soon as possible.


Health and Wellness

Setting Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for your Mental Health.

It is important to keep your New Year’s resolutions realistic. About 40% of Americans set resolutions at the start of the year and less than half are successful after six months. Keep in mind the change you want to see and what you can do realistically to achieve that change. Remember to make smaller, achievable steps toward your goal.

Here are some tips for setting realistic New Year’s resolutions for your mental health:

  1. Make time for self-care

  2. Be kind to yourself

  3. Make sleep a priority

  4. Limit your screen time

  5. Learn more about mental health



Learning Block

Our students have settled in nicely with our Learning Block routines. Once a week we have a day dedicated to ELA but as you can see, they are getting caught up in some good reads!


New Media Art

New Media 1 students created their own trading cards.
New Media 2 students are working on anaglyph portraits. You need 3D glasses to see these!


Enriched Global 1

Students spent the last several weeks studying Ancient China. Thanks to Mrs. Hay, our librarian, students were able to “travel” to China by way of the VR Goggles and tour the Great Wall.
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Forensic Science

Students were matching bite marks and creating bite mark impressions in class this week. This is part of the Pattern Evidence unit.
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Creative Writing

After composing in both poetic and narrative forms, students of the Creative Writing class will be selecting, revising, and editing their final submissions for the course and for possible publication in CHS’s Art and Literary Magazine Muse-ings. All students in grades 9-12 who are interested in submitting their own original art or writing for this year’s edition of Muse-ings should contact Mr. Morgan via email (


Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra would like to extend a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who came out to support their in-school concert after their evening concert was canceled. If you missed their performance, here is a link to the recording.


Digital Access Survey

The NYS Digital Equity Survey is a short questionnaire that will help districts identify students who may need access to reliable internet and/or a digital device for completing schoolwork at home. NYS requires that school districts collect this information to better serve our families needs. Thank you for completing this survey.

Digital Access Survey


ESports Update

Our Cortland Esports Teams finished their Fall Seasons just a few weeks ago with three of them making the playoffs. Two of our Smash Brothers teams ended their season ranked in the top 16 in the State. Our Hearthstone team made it to the Eastern Regional Finals, losing to the eventual National Championship winner. Not bad for our first Hearthstone season ever! Tryouts for Spring Season start in just a few weeks!
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When the district gets new tech devices in BIG boxes, we find a way to have fun with them! From snowboards to toboggans with seats, students built sledding devices then tested them to see who went the farthest. A good time was had by all!


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