7th Grade Science

Hamilton Middle School

Week at a Glance: (Subject to Change)

Monday 10/17: Weathering, Erosion & Deposition Pre-assessment & foldable

Tuesday 10/18: DPM (9 week District Progress Monitoring)

Wednesday 10/19: Weathering Notes & Demo

Thursday 10/20: Erosion & Deposition Notes & Demos

Friday 10/21: Porosity Gizmo & WED Performance Assessment

Homework: (Subject to Change)

Monday: Look over Lab Journal for DPM & Finish assignment from Friday

Tuesday: Any owed/ make up work

Wednesday: FInish any class work

Thursday: FInish any class work

Friday: None

Important Dates:

10/17: Fundraiser Delivery

10/18: Science DPM

10/21: Performance Assessment

10/24- Progress Reports

10/26: English Language Arts Benchmark Testing

10/28: Weathering, Erosion & Deposition Unit Test