Kindergarten Newsletter ACES

Week Of March 13th

Highlights from last week....

Wow! Can you believe that we are in the third week of March? We are doing so many great things in kindergarten!

In Reader's Workshop, we focused on looking through the word and sounding out the letters that we know.

In phonics, we focused on short vowels and digraphs. The digraphs are a tricky concept for many of our friends.

In Math, we worked on number bonds and writing number sentences. We focused on numbers 6 and 7. We cannot believe how well your children are doing in math!

Our author of the week was Dr. Seuss. We read several of his books and discussed the similarities and differences of each of his books.

A peek at our learning this week....

St. Patrick's Day is this week! We hope you all have been working on the trap to catch that little fellow!

In Reader's Workshop, we will be reviewing the strategies that we have learned thus far. It is amazing to see how our friends use these strategies during their reading. We will also be working on building our schema, which is our background knowledge, to help us read.

In phonics, we will focus on short vowels and digraphs. Your children have a great understanding of the letters in isolation. For instance, they see the cue card that has the letters ch, a picture of a chin, and they say the sound /ch/. However, when they see these letters in text, they are still not making the /ch/ sound, they are sounding out the c and h separately. So, we are going to keep working on this skill until we get it! Those friends that do have the skill will be moving on in small groups!

In Math, we will be working on number bonds and number sentences.

In Science, we will finish up our unit on construction and pushing and pulling.

Our author of the week will be Eric Carle. We will read several of his books and discuss the similarities and differences of each of his books.

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Leprechaun Trap

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we are going to attempt to trap a leprechaun in our classroom. I am asking you to work with your child to design a trap for Thursday, March 16th. First test your trap the evening before to see how well it works, then have your child bring the trap to school on Thursday and we will try to trap him Thursday evening. Of course, if you trap the leprechaun at home, please have your child bring it to school

Thank you and Have FUN!

More information

Many parents are asking what the class needs for supplies. We could use some Clorox Wipes. Thank you in advance.


Please practice letters and sounds with your child nightly! Thank you!

Thank you!!

A note from Mrs. Chadwick

I put in the book order on Friday it should be here next Friday or the following Monday. The kids just LOVE when their new books come in!

The kids have loved learning about digraphs thanks to my name we have talked about the CH and CK digraph many times. They are digraph detectives and see them around the school, classroom, and in their books.

I can't wait to see all your traps fingers crossed we will catch that tricky guy and get his gold!

Reminder: Next week Monday - Wednesday March 20-22 there is no school for kindergarten. It is our days to screen our next group of students for next year.

This Wednesday, March 15th is a half day of school.

A note from Mrs. Maillet

Book orders will be placed this weekend. Thank you for your support. I love how excited our class gets when an order comes in! Your children are really beginning to develop a love of reading!!

As I assess your children, I will send home their reading level and new sight words if they have mastered the ones presented to them. We are really moving along. The more sight words they know, the better readers they will become. Keep reading those books that I have been sending home weekly.

Take a look at one of our friend's writing! She did it all on her own! Great job Avery! The next picture was our class earning at extra recess! We were all spending time on the swing!!

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A note from Mrs. Potter

We had a great week of learning! Many friends were very excited to start learning about digraphs in our phonics lessons! The students are working very hard to learn these new sounds and are getting excited to notice them in their reading!

The students have also enjoyed doing lots of fun activities to help us understand different types of force!

Reminder- this Wednesday is half day!

A note from Mrs. Melanson

Just when we thought winter was over, here comes more snow. I'm not sure how you feel about it, but I am hoping the weather miraculously changes! Please remember to send snow pants and boots back for outdoor recess until the snow is gone.

Scholastic book orders are due this Friday. Lots of great books! Check them out!

I can't wait to see the leprechaun traps that your children come up with. Hoping to catch that tricky guy with one of their traps on Thursday evening. Maybe we will find a little leprechaun Friday morning when we come in to school!

Keep practicing sight words, letter and sounds, and reading at home with your child. They are making incredible gains and I am so proud of them!

I apologize for not having pictures this week. We were so focused on learning that I forgot to snap some pictures. I will try to have them for next week! As always, call or email me with any questions. Thanks for all you do!

A note from Mrs. Goldthwaite

After reading one of our Dr. Suess books. One fish, Two fish , Blue Fish , Red Fish. We made our oun comparison of the fish. The students had to write a number equation and number bond. They are rocking the parts of a number 6-8.

I hope you are all working on the Lepahcaun trap. I can't wait to see who can catch that sneaky guy. Please bring in your traps on Thursday so we can set them up.

It was so much fun on Friday night at toy BINGO! Great to see the ones who came. If you were unable to come this year maybe next year?

Miss Ashlee did a lesson this week. She read us a dinosaur story. We wrote about what happened if one came to dinner at our house. I will tell you this I would not invite a dinosaur to dinner.

Reminder: Next week Monday - Wednesday March 20-22 there is no school for kindergarten. It is our days to screen our next group of students for next year.

This Wednesday, March 15th is a half day of school.

After Tuesday's snow please be sure to send back those winter boots and snow pants as we will be out side for recess.