Science & Health

Update for Parents & Guardians for RJMS Grade 7 Students

7th Grade Science

Since we last touched base, the seventh grade students have finally moved beyond the body systems and finally into DNA! At first, students were apprehensive to learn about these strange chemicals in their cells, but, it turns out, they loved it! Through visual instruction and hands-on activities, such as building edible DNA models, students successfully learned the structure and function of DNA. We moved forward into learning about genetic engineering, which resulted in students extracting DNA from strawberries (pictured to the right), virtually cloning mice, and even debating about the de-extinction of the woolly mammoth!

Last week, students learned about the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction. This topic lead students to the current unit of study - GENETICS! I usually notice that genetics is my students' favorite unit. I hope it is theirs too! In this unit, we will explore dominant and recessive traits, Punnett squares, and we will continue learning about heredity and traits.

We are half way through the school year, and the most exciting units are still to come! That said, the work is not getting any easier. My expectations are still the same since day one. My grading policy is 40% Assessments (Exit Tickets & Quizzes), 40% Labs & Activities, and 10% Leadership. I am also usually available 9th period when the students are available to get help. I am here to help and I want to help!

7th Grade Health

Since the holidays, students have been studying the causes and characteristics of disease. In January, students primarily focused on communicable diseases. Students participated in visual instruction, watched "Monsters Inside Me" video clips, played virtual games that simulated pathogens and epidemics, and even tested the school for germs (pictured to the left)! Students are now focusing on non-communicable diseases, such as cancer. This will result in a project on a disease, in which students will research and present their findings.

Snow Ball Dance

Friday, Feb. 5th, 6:30-8pm

1506 New York 21

Shortsville, NY

Students can purchase tickets for $2.00 in lunch, but tickets will NOT be sold at the door!