Ed Gein (The serial killer)

by Nolan Green

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Basic info

  • Full name is Edward Theodore Gein
  • Born August 27, 1906 in La-Crosse Wisconsin
  • nicknamed the "Butcher of plainfield"
  • died in Madison, Wisconsin


At a very young age Gein displayed an obsession for his mother who died this may or may not be the cause for his behavior. Known for being a recluse he stayed home and practiced his secret hobbies such as human taxidermy and body mutilation. On the rare occasions he would leave the house he would find fun in going grave robbing but not for jewelry but for body parts. Gein was also known to commit necrophilia which is sexual acts with corpses
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latter life

While investigating Geins hobby of grave robbery Police stumbled upon two bodies and he was soon arrested. The trial lasting for about a week prosecutors found Gein to be unfit for Prison and sent him to a psychiatric institution in wisconin where he died in 1984 from heart failure


Gein's story inspired many movies including
  • silence of the lambs
  • texas chainsaw massacre
  • psycho
Ed Gein