Van Wert Middle School

Counseling Office 2014-2015

Who I am and What I do:

Welcome to an exciting year at VWMS! I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself and the framework that I will work from to help make your child's middle school experience the best it can be.

My name is Mrs. Sarah White and I will be taking the place of former school counselor, Ed Clark, who retired at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. Prior to joining the VWMS team, I worked as a Middle School Intervention Specialist at Defiance City Schools. During that time, I attended Bowling Green State University and earned my Masters Degree in School Counseling. I look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your child's educational process.

It is my goal to provide your child with direct and indirect support in 3 main areas: Academic, Career, and Personal/Social. Below are the standards attached to each of these areas as cited by the American School Counselor Association. By keeping these standards in mind, it is the hope that we will provide your child with a wide range of support to help them succeed both in and out of the school building.


1. Students will acquire the attitudes, knowledge and skills that contribute to effective learning in school.

2. Students will complete school with academic preparation essential to choose from a wide range of postsecondary options, including college.

3. Students will understand the relationship of academics to the world of work, and to life at home and in the community.

*Career Development:

1. Students will acquire skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and make informed career decisions.

2. Students will employ strategies to achieve future career goals with success and satisfaction.

3. Students will understand the relationship between personal qualities, education, training, and the world of work.

* Personal/Social:

1. Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.

2. Students will make decisions, set goals, and take necessary action to achieve goals.

3. Students will understand safety and survival skills.