Morgan Lindsey Belflowers

Class of 2014!

All About Morgan ! :)

My grandfather, jackie Norrell, was my hero, and he passed away in 2007. It broke my heart, and ever since then, nothing about my life has been the same. My Grandmother, Shirley Norrell, is my heart and soul. My brother, Clancey Belflowers, is always full of mischief, and i'm always worried about what he's going to do next. Me and my Mother aren't very close, but we live in the same house. My daddy has always been there for me, and he's like superman in my eyes. Austin Mckinnon is my boyfriend & i loveem to death! Erin Saro & Taylor Battley are my boo's ..... and I have three kittys that I treat like my own little babies. i love love love them !

Morgan's Bestfriends!

Austin Mckinnon - Boyfriend, he lives with me.

Erin Saro - Bestfriend.

Taylor Battley - Bestfriend.


- go to work.

- eat.

- shopping.

- going on dates with my baybay!. <3

Morgan Has a Tattoo!

I only have one tattoo of an anchor, but I plan on getting more :))