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Parent Edition, 17 February 2016

From the Principal's Desk / Desde el escritorio del director

Dear Parent Educators:

Cognates are a wonderful way to help build vocabulary in a second language. The link provided offers some great information (in English and Spanish) regarding cognates for ELLs (and SLLs), as well as a lengthy list of cognates. Have your Zarrow Eagle give me an example of the cognates they have studied from this list, or ran across in their own reading, and I’ll make sure to give them a little something. I encourage you all to read to your children, also. Read to them in either English or Spanish. And, look for any cognates that appear.


Sr. Kellito


Estimados Padres Educadores :

Los cognados son una forma maravillosa de ayudar a desarrollar el vocabulario en un segundo idioma . El enlace que aparece ofrece una gran información ( en inglés y español ) con respecto a los cognados para estudiantes de ELL (y los de SLL – español como segundo idioma) , así como una larga lista de cognados . Haga que su Zarrow Águila me dé un ejemplo de los cognados que ha estudiado de esta lista, o un cognado que ha encontrado a través de su propia lectura , y me aseguraré de darles un regalito de algo . A todos os animo a leer a sus hijos , también . Leer a ellos , ya sea en inglés o español . Y , busquen los cognados que aparecen .


Sr. Kellito


PTA News


We are officially in the homestretch of Viva Zarrow. This is the largest fundraiser our school does and it does not happen without the help of every parent pitching in where they can to help! Here are a few reminders as we prepare for this very fun, very exciting evening!

Please make plans to attend and join in all the festivities. FEBRUARY 22nd is the LAST DAY TO PURCHASE VIP ADMISSION TICKETS for Viva Zarrow! Past this date wristbands will NOT be available. A cash bar will be available at the event. Also, GENERAL ADMISSION ticket price GOES UP to $35 after February 22nd! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Complete the order form that was sent home with invitations or purchase online at http://zis.schoolauction.net/vz2016

Also, we are still in need of Silent Auction items, Gift Card donations, and First Come Set Price parties! PLEASE DONATE TODAY!

Please contact Rachel ASAP with questions or items you have available for donation!

Lastly, We need volunteers for set-up, during the event, and tear down! Here is a link the sign up genius for volunteering. We have some awesome incentives for volunteering so please make sure and check that out!


Looking forward to a great night!

Rachel Simpson


First Come Set Price parties

Pool parties, sporting events, ladies luncheons, summer bbq's...these are the types of events that we're looking for our First Come Set Price parties! We would like to have a good mix of kids only, adults only, and family events offered. If you have hosted a party in the past, please consider hosting one again this year. If you've thought about hosting one before, but never got around to it, this is the year to go for it! Please contact Tracy Calhoun (tlcalhoun@gmail.com) with the date & time, location, how many bid slots, price per person, and a brief description of your event no later than February 21st.

Find a friend or two and host an awesome party for this wonderful fundraising opportunity!

Counselor's Corner

Personal best is the character trait for March. Personal best means making the best possible choices and decisions each day of your life. True we are human and are bound to make mistakes but even so we can still put forth our best effort as long as we keep striving to achieve our best. Someone once said "Reach for the moon and if you fall short you may land on a star."

Davis Darby was recently in my office. He told me in November he had three lines in Tulsa Little Theater’s performance of “Charlie Brown”. He recently tried out for ‘Willa Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. This time he has over fifty lines to memorize in his role as Charlie. I have to believe when he had only three lines he gave his personal best in his performance and that led to his role as Charlie.

Last year Rowan Buckley was diagnosed with cancer. She went to St. Jude’s hospital in Memphis, Tennessee where she received treatment. Although her treatment was grueling, she never refused. She approached her journey with a positive spirit and this year she is back at Zarrow in the fourth grade.

Fourth graders are currently making application for being an exchange student in Costa Rica or Madrid. The students desire to not only have the cultural experience of living with a family in a Spanish speaking country, but also their commitment to the acquisition of the Spanish language since their attendance in kindergarten at Zarrow, will culminate in studying abroad next year if they are chosen.

In April third, fourth and fifth grade students take the Oklahoma Core Curriculum tests. Student have the opportunity to do their personal best on the test by getting a good night’s sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, taking time on the test to answer the questions and to proof their test before turning it in.

The following exercise reinforces personal best. You may do it seated when you are having dinner together with your family.

Here are the instructions. Say, “Reach for the ceiling as high as you can. As you are reaching, I now want you to reach three inches farther.”

Then say, “I thought you were already reaching as high as you could.” Ask, “Where did I get the extra three inches?” This exercise

illustrates what is the difference between doing a good job and doing your personal best.

"Today you are you,

that is truer than

true. There is no one alive who is youer

than you."

-Dr. Seuss

Ann Butler, LPC, Counselor

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

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"One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way."

-Frank Smith