Shooting Stars Weekly News

*How Our Team is Rocking*

Half Way Through March!

What is your Personal Business Goal for March? Is it to Qualify ($500 in sales), Earn your 5% Commission Bonus by selling OVER $2300? Sponsoring a New Stylist? Promoting to a new Pay Rank? Earning your Consistency Bonus ($100 in Product Credit for being Qualified in Jan, Feb & March!)? Maybe it is Earning the $500 for $99 Sample Coupon for the NEW Summer Collection...whatever it is you have 15 MORE DAYS TO MAKE IT A REALITY!!! What will you do TODAY to Rock your week and the rest of March??!!

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Flip Flop to Friday!! Who wants a NEW pair of Tory Burch flip flops??!! Me! It is warming up and summer is coming soon...that means cute flip flops and fun pedicures!! This week will earn a chance to WIN the pair of your choice (from a selected group, value $50) for EVERY NEW March and April Trunk Show you book NOW through Friday!!

*2 entries for NEW March trunk shows and 1 entry for every April trunk show booked this week!

Start warming up your hostesses TODAY!! Either send an image of a new piece in the Summer Capsule or send a teaser about how gorgeous the NEW Summer Collection is TODAY!! Want to really increase your chance of booking? Get a few lookbooks in the mail TODAY and follow up on Thursday to book and help her get everything she love for free and half off!

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Team Shout Outs!

Congrats to these Stylists who are Rocking Their March!

Tina Nerelli was SO sick this weekend, but that didn't stop her from having a nearly $1300 trunk show yesterday!! She contacted the hostess, got all of the accessories over to her and answered questions from her bed!!! Bonus, an opportunity to tell this rock star Hostess that SHE should be a Stylist, too!! After that type of show, she would totally rock!

Dessa Voilitich has been taking small actions EVERY DAY and they are paying off, she is nearly qualified and is booking up a HUGE April!

Lindsay Mulshine is at nearly $1000 in sales and hasn't had a trunk show yet this month!!! Way to Work those outside orders and encourage hostesses to get orders in before their show!!

Nicole Walsh, Star Stylist and Leader