Meeting in the name of friendship

Communicating... Sharing...Giving...

May 27th 2016 : a very special meeting!

Communicating through the Internet system provides a more immediate form of communication for students! Connecting them from different countries and backgrounds is, of course, a more personal and interesting way to learn about the world beyond their own community than reading a chapter in a textbook.
All that is really true for Italian and Turkish students engaged in the e-Twinning project INSπRE: Maths in English.
They met each other via Skype last Friday for the 3rd time in the name of friendship and of sharing. It was a wonderful experience!

Benefits to students thanks to creative and collaborative projects:

  1. Knowledge and experience of a different culture first hand
  2. Access to new ideas and experiences by working closely with their teachers and students from a different culture
  3. Broadened understanding, acceptance and tolerance of other cultures.

There are benefits to teachers, too:
  • Professional development by exchanging ideas and knowledge
  • Broader educational horizons by adding a global perspective.
Skype is a way to give students a glimpse into cultures and lifestyles other than their own. It helps them practice English with new friends from other countries. Besides, it enables participation and better collaboration. It reinforces links created through the E-Pals project.